Compression springs move to new blog

I’ve decided to start a blog with more than just compression springs and will therefor no longer update this blog.  But please follow me to the new blog where you also will be able to read about tension springs, gas springs, torsion springs etc.



Lighthouses can be so beautiful if you ask me. I wonder if there are any compression springs inside it to help it guide the boats out at sea? The springs are often important components in electrical switches etc. so who knows?


Did you know about die springs?

Did you know that die springs are actually compression springs with extra high quality? The springs are used in press tools, valves, couplings etc. Each dimension has four to five different force classes to choose from.


Compression springs in Barcelona

In a city like Barcelona compression springs are everywhere, right? From electrical light switches and factories to the valves in the market La Boquería. Like I said they are everywhere.


Springs in heavy duty valves

It’s always easier to understand how things work if you can see the actual process. The image below shows a compression spring in heavy duty valves. Cool animation isn’t it?


Plane grinding compression springs

Example of a customer case. The customer needed plane ground compression springs. After analyses and discussions the result was that the springs should be made without plane grinding and now the customer saves  about 3 million crowns/year  thanks to the new springs.

Compression springs labeling

The Excalibur Sword Pull

Compression springs have a wide range of usage area. This is well shown in an article I read the other day. Compression springs were used in the event “The Excalibur Sword Pull” (part of the Scotish Highland Games in April). For five pounds anyone who dared to try got to test pulling the sword from the stone and the one who managed to pull it the furtherst won the prize.

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